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Fred’s Famous Peanuts
Beef Jerky

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Tillamook Beef Jerky
Teriyaki, Natural, Peppered  $1.50
Local Sourwood Honey with Comb–Pint $11.00 Quart $21.50
Local Sourwood Honey without Comb–Pint $9.50 Quart $18.50
Honeycomb $3.00
Local Sourwood Honey Bear - $6.00
Local Wildflower Honey Bear - $5.00
Local Sorghum-Pint $8.00 Quart $12.00
Peach Cider–10 oz. $1.50, wine bottle $3.75, half gallon $6.75
Muscadine Cider–10 oz. $1.50, wine bottle $3.75, half gallon $6.75